Kyle & Keat – Raleigh, NC | September 26, 2018

Kim Daly

Starting a franchise is hard, but Kim made the process much easier. When we first decided to go into a franchise, it was overwhelming based on how much information was available. After the first few, we weren’t sure about what we wanted to do, but Kim stayed with us throughout the process. After some time settling down, Kim came back to us with her process of 3 franchises, in all different fields. She approached us with the 3 different types, and all of the items made us excited, so we weren’t sure which to go with. We went into the research process of the 3 franchises with completely different mindsets, and Kim helped guide us in the right direction (especially since one particular franchise was “a great fit” for us). After it was all done, we signed on to our franchise, and we couldn’t be happier. Whenever someone asks us how we got into our franchise, we always bring up Kim and her process of guiding us in the right direction. Thank you Kim; your unique approach and overly positive attitude was a breath of fresh air during the chaos.