MichaelAlbuquerque, NM – May 2020


Kim was very kind and enthusiastic about helping!

Kim was kind, enthusiastic, friendly, helpful, and more than down to earth in our first conversation. As a 24-year-old, I know that the idea of owning and investing my own money into a franchise seems like a far off goal. Although I am not able to enter into the franchising world at the moment, the idea of wanting to gather advice and guidance from Kim came to mind. Kim was very friendly and welcoming with the idea of wanting to begin researching and gathering information on the necessary know-how on being a franchise owner. Kim did not turn me away because I am young, nor because I cannot currently financially invest in a franchise; HOWEVER, Kim took time out of her schedule to sit and converse with me as she would a close friend. She offered me guidance and advice on franchising options as well as advice she would give to any young person who is investigating the possibility of one day owning a franchise. Put simply, Kim is like the teacher you had in school who cares for your success and will do her best to give you the tools to succeed. While the choice is ultimately ours to make, Kim makes it clear with her words and actions that she finds joy in helping others and in helping people achieve their dreams. Thank you for your kindness, Kim! God Bless, Michael.