Kim started with your Why


Kim and I jived right away, hearing her maniacally focus on my why… why business ownership and specifically a franchise would fit my life by design. Based on my goals for my family and future, she expertly curated only the franchises that fit. I was surprised to learn from her the semi-absentee model exists. Where she thrives is in her network. Everybody in franchising knows Kim Daly and raves about her being the best in the business. I felt confident she was connecting us to the best teams and franchisors who support their franchisees. At the end of the day, we weren’t looking for just a product or hobby, we were looking for the right people to go into business with. Kim gets this and why she’s been so successful. Kim also has a a way of pushing you to think differently about any opportunity. It’s easy to say no, but she helps you understand what needs to be true for you to say yes. It may very well end with a no, but you have to give yourself the opportunity to be educated and find out. Without Kim, I never would’ve taken the leap- thank you, Kim!