LonnieDallas, TX – May 2020


Kim is a Rockstar

My transition into entrepreurship begin when I met Kim Daly. It was in December of 2019 that I separated from the only company I ever knew since graduating college. What am I going to do now, I asked myself? While I enjoyed working in Corporate America as a Vice President of Human Resources, it was now time for me to look for another gig. After linking up with the local outplacement office, I found myself refreshing my resume and touching up my LinkedIn page, ready to hit the pavement and start over again. That is, until I ran into the “Rockstar” herself, Kim Daly. I first encountered Kim on a webinar where she led the discussion on opportunities within the franchise world. Over the years, my wife and I had discussed opening a business one day. Never did we think it would come to fruition during the largest pandemic to hit the world in my lifetime. Kim challenged us all on the call to think outside of the box and become fearless in our approach of owning a business. Kim met with me and my wife over the phone to get a better understanding of what we were looking to do. Our goal was simple, we wanted to start a legacy for our family, control much of our own destiny moving forward, and work with a reputable franchise. Kim’s infectious energy and positive outlook played an integral role in our decision to move forward in the process. Kim was able to connect Tiffany and I with all the franchises that aligned with our core values. It was like a dating game to be quite honest. But it worked. After careful consideration, we landed with a franchise that met all our criteria. We are excited to start a new journey that is sure to be filled with many first. It was all worth it in the end. Many thanks to Kim for pushing us to get over our fears and move towards a dream that will now become a reality. Cheers to a new chapter of our life, thanks to the help and support of Kim Daly.