Jack C – Coppell, TX | May 15, 2018

Kim Daly

As an active Boy Scouts volunteer and a proud father of an Eagle Scout, I am convinced that Kim must have been raised in a Boy Scouts family. During her consultations with me, she exemplified many of the Boy Scouts Law points: She is Trustworthy, Helpful, Friendly, Kind, and especially Cheerful. I also have been in sales for all of my career. I know that the adage of “Customers Buy from People They Like” is absolutely true. Kim made me like her from the first time we met, and over time, she earned my trust by putting my interests first. She listened well to my life goals, providing me with four solid “blind dates” with potential franchisors. Once I selected a franchise concept, she listened again and provided me with two additional “blind date” franchisors within the same industry. She also took time to educate me on the Franchise Disclosure Document which I had no prior knowledge of. While I decided to postpone my franchisee career, the minute I am ready, I will call Kim. In the meantime, I will refer my friends and business associates to her. She earned my loyalty. She has a heart of gold. I encourage you to know Kim. You will be glad you did.