GusAtlanta, GA – May 2020


Kim is an amazing coach!! 

At some point in our lives there will come a moment where a decision is required that will define our legacy and feed our purpose. I was faced with this decision after 20 years with a company, my company was going through a restructuring.  The options were to continue with what I have known for 20 years and continue being unfilled or take a leap of faith and opt-out. I took a leap of faith and opted-out of my corporate opportunity to pursue my entrepreneur passion. I was blessed with the opportunity to participate on a webinar hosted by Kim. The first thought was “wow” she had a lot of coffee this morning, but I quickly realize this is what passion sounds like. I scheduled a consultation and she was very professional, energetic/passionate about hearing my story and the why behind my decision.  Kim force me to look deeper than just wanting to own a business. After a few conversations and questionnaires, Kim started to send me opportunities that aligned with my goals. One thing that is so amazing about working with Kim was that she wants to understand you so when I didn’t like a unit, she wanted me to convey why I didn’t like the unit versus just saying I didn’t like the unit. This force me to carefully evaluate my thought process and make sure I was being honest with myself as to why I wanted a business. Kim was there to coach me through every step of the process and to give constructive feedback when needed. The easy part is saying I want to be entrepreneur, the hard part is getting out of your head and executing. Kim has an awesome speech for that as well.

I found a great opportunity that aligned with my goals.  Thanks Kim