Dylan – Greenwich, CT | May 30, 2018

Kim Daly

From Burnt Out to Fired Up
I had been limping along in corporate America for 15 years. I was making excellent money, supporting a family of 5, living in a beautiful part of the country. We had a wonderful life, a life that most would be thrilled about. Yet, something wasn’t quite right. Deep down, alongside my feelings of constant angst, was a persistent feeling of discontent and a general lack of fulfillment and connection to my work. I felt lost and frustrated…until I met Kim. Kim helped me see that there was an entire world out there for people like me who didn’t fit the corporate mold. She helped me understand that the feelings of angst and discontent were simply the universe signaling to me that I needed a change and I was better suited for an entrepreneurial life. Through a structured and thorough process, Kim found out what was important to me and what my dreams consisted of. She ultimately lined me up with a franchise opportunity that I could not be more excited to begin. While I am nervous about the drastic change, I am confident I have chosen the right path thanks to Kim’s direction, mentorship and guidance. Thanks to Kim, I finally feel like I am headed towards something that will bring into my life more passion, more connection and more joy. If your current employment situation doesn’t feel right, call Kim. She is smart, funny, passionate, ambitious and trustworthy. I feel so fortunate that Kim found her way into my life.