DrewOmaha, NE – November 2020


I learned way more than franchising from Kim!

Thank you for everything, Kim! I’ve learned SO much more than I thought I would on this journey just from the weekly interactions with you. You have really inspired me and got me back on track with dreaming, visualizing, and saying affirmations again. I learned waaay more than just that from you, obviously. Probably the BEST gift you gave me was from our phone call last week. You helped me see that no matter what I do, I’m going to succeed. For some reason, I think I’ve always believed, on a subconscious level, that I had to choose the perfect path or I’d miss out on fate/God’s plan for my life and be unsuccessful. When you told me I would succeed either way and that I have that power within me, it really struck a chord with me and took the weight of having to make the “right decision” off me. I didn’t even realize I was thinking that way about my life until you said it. So THANK YOU!