Dominic & JeenCary, NC – March 2020


No matter how confident you are and how much experience you got…… to own or invest into a business is a huge risk taking decision you will ever make. After we got connected with Kim, she took time to get to know us before even talking about franchise business opportunities. This put us in the right mindset to understand our personal objectives and forward thinking mode; helping us to understand the franchise business strategy and vision. Kim encouraged us to evaluate and analyze our future from a very different angle and “think” outside of your box (aka Comfort Zone). And furthermore, Kim also coached us on different type of business we should evaluate and consider, rather than just relying on previous experience. Keyword to keep in mind: “Transferable Skills”. While we are still in the process of deciding our investment strategy & opportunity, we would highly recommend working with Kim as a business investment coach before making any decision on your own. We are very grateful to connect with Kim and the knowledge / advice we got from her was invaluable!!!