Positive Experience with Kim

When I first came to Kim, I was very skeptical about starting my own franchise. Kim listened to my concerns and instead of dismissing them, she encouraged me to continue through the process and see where I ended up. She made it very clear that if I ended up deciding it wasn’t for me, no issue at all as it’s a personal decision (very genuinely). During our second call, Kim asked the right questions that enabled her to come back with franchise options that 1) I didn’t know existed and 2) fit the only way I imagined this working for me. Importantly, her recommendations had different elements that allowed me to compare and contrast to come to an educated decision. Ultimately, Kim’s process allowed me to get up to speed incredibly quickly on franchises and find a franchise option that checked all my boxes, and I’m certain I wouldn’t have ended up here without her help and guidance! Thank you, Kim!