A. Kyle – Former Fortune 100 CMO | December 14, 2017

Kim Daly

I can’t adequately describe my gratitude for Kim Daly for helping me discover a new success path for my life. She introduced me to the franchise world with a selection approach that was thoughtful, caring, personalized and enlightening. I signed with my first franchise early in the year, which enabled me to leave Corporate America with the potential to replace my salary. Because my first venture is a semi-absentee model, I decided to search for an additional business after several months. Kim helped me identify the perfect choice, and I signed with my second franchise in December of the same year! The complementary businesses she helped me select will perfectly leverage my skills and experience while providing incredible income potential for the rest of my life. I’m excited about my future and wholeheartedly appreciate Kim’s help in making it a reality. I am blessed to know this amazing woman.