Success Depends on You - Franchisees

Success Depends on You

JVennard Coach's Corner

Starting a business means stepping out in faith. I know many want all the answers prior to investing, but that simply cannot happen because you are the greatest variable to the success of your business.

It’s a common misconception in franchising that when you are a franchisee it is the franchisor’s job to grow your brand or make you successful. Some franchisees are waiting on something outside of themselves (a territory, location, brand, marketing) to make them successful, but the reality is, the owner is the single biggest determining factor of success.

If the owner determines his success then why buy a franchise? Because a franchise offers a proven business plan and a toolbox full of ready- made tools that you will need to execute and move toward profitability.

An Entrepreneur has an idea, and as he executes he has to stop and create all of the necessary tools. Creation of tools costs money and time. Franchisees pay a fee to have access to the proven plan and ready- made tools so they can start executing from day one. Hence starting a franchise can lower the risk of starting a business. But, whether entrepreneur or franchisee, the business owner has to drive the activity of the business, stay open to learning and growing and keep a positive