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So You Want a Recession Resistant Business?

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Uncertain times make some people want recession resistant businesses, but is there really such a thing?

I think owners make a business recession resistant. I’ve seen essential services fail in a tough economy, and I’ve seen non-essential services thrive in that same economy. If you want a recession resistant business, I would recommend exploring opportunities with low fixed costs and committing yourself to driving top performance.

If your fixed costs are low, then even if customers are not coming in, you’re not bleeding to keep the doors open, and if you’re committed, with no excuses, to driving top performance from your business than you will see a tough economy as nothing more than a great challenge to overcome.

Business ownership doesn’t have to be scary. It’s all in your perspective. Don’t believe me? Msg me! I’d love to share some of my own stories from 23 years of owning small busin