Push Past Your Fears by Learning from Experience

Push Past Your Fears by Learning from Experience

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

If you’re wishing you were the brave heart who could start a franchise business in this uncertain time, don’t fret and put your dream on hold. Join a few franchising and business networking groups on LinkedIn and find franchisees and entrepreneurs to follow.

Franchisees do not reinvent the wheel. They follow the lead of others. Can you follow the lead of experience? Right now, experienced entrepreneurs are focused on the opportunities not the uncertainties. How are they doing that? Please go ask them.

Additionally, I’ve always said the best way to learn about franchising is to explore! If you engage a franchisor in proper due diligence, they are going to set up franchisee calls for you. If those who are open for business in the midst of this are singing supportive praises of their franchisor, and knowing what they know now, they’d still do again, perhaps you’ll find you can be a brave heart after all.

In franchising, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. Don’t isolate your dreams due to fear. Reach out and find the support you need to make your dreams a reality! #thedalycoach