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Prospecting Can Be Fun

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Building a referred lead network is fundamental to success in almost any business, and it can really be a fun challenge to take on!

Over the years, my referrals have come from those sources I consistently work, but there have also been some super fun and inspiring stories that validate to me that prospecting is really nothing more than talking about what you do.

For example, several years ago, on a flight, I made friends with the man sitting beside me. Before we departed, I handed him my business card and never thought about it again. A few years later when that man got laid off, he remembered me. Today, he is a multi-unit franchisee!

Another fun story was when a candidate I was working with went on a group tour vacation and made friends with another American on the trip. My candidate was so passionate about how I was helping him to define his future through franchising that when the other guy got home, he reached out to me saying that he had to meet Kim Daly and learn more about her service.

Prospecting is the key to success in almost every business. The only rule to prospecting is to do it consistently! For more on this topic, msg me today! #thedalycoach