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A Perfect Proforma

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Perfect Proforma Comes from your Hard Work!

Many people who explore franchises expect to have a perfect proforma before they say to their dream. But this is an impossible task because you haven’t even opened your doors yet. Numbers on a page mean nothing until you get out and work to create those numbers. It doesn’t matter what anyone else in a system has or has not done. Their success or lack thereof does not indicate how you will perform nor does having a perfect proforma on paper indicate how your business will grow. The only facts I would ask for in validation are gross revenue, average sale, what activities owners do to create customers and basic fixed expenses. Those who seek to have a perfect proforma before they say yes are never going to say yes. A business is a living breathing thing that you create. If you want to own a business, you have to take the leap without all the facts. The genius of a franchise business is that there are others who have gone before you who are there to support you. Your job is to believe in their track record and follow their lead, but regardless of how successful they have been, you are not guaranteed success.  Your success will be owned by you. #franchising