5 Things I Want You to Learn about Franchising From Covid-19 April 22,2020 Everywhere in the world people are doing what they can to make a difference in this global situation. Doctor and nurses are on their front lines caring for the sick. Food banks and volunteers are on their front lines passing out food to those in need. Continue Reading
Finding Freedom in Business Ownership March 8,2020 When you first said YES! to your business ownership dreams you were so inspired and empowered! You wanted to talk about your business with anyone who would listen. You stayed up late dreaming about your future and woke up early making plans for success. You knew you would be the… Continue Reading
Franchising is All About Social Proof February 8,2020 Today more than ever, consumers make decisions based on social proof. When looking for a contractor, we may ask for recommendations on our Facebook page. Before trying a new restaurant, we look at Yelp reviews. We even drive using Waze so we can rely on other drivers to alert us… Continue Reading
An Intentional Decade January 20,2020 In December, I was challenge by one of my mentors to build a vision board for the next decade of my life. As many of you know, I love goals, plans and to do lists. In fact, if you’ve been through my validation coaching call, you’ve heard me talk about… Continue Reading
The Importance of Giving… December 19,2019 When you are a business owner, it is so important to give. Giving creates an atmosphere of abundance. If you want to achieve all of your financial goals, you have to feel abundant in order to attract abundance. Call it “The Secret” or quote the Bible, but giving is essential… Continue Reading