What IS Working in 2020? September 10,2020 With so much time on our hands and so many lifestyle changes due to sheltering in place this year, we have had the opportunity to clean out closets, get to those projects we kept putting off, and dream about our futures. Many who commuted for years have been able to… Continue Reading
How to Stay Strong in the Middle August 10,2020 Anyone else feeling a little grumpy on the inside? 2020 is definitely one for the history books, and right about now, I think we are all wishing this year was history. Now as if to add insult to injury, the election is heating up, and we have that to consider… Continue Reading
It’s One Blind Date July 14,2020 Exploring franchise opportunities is like a courtship leading to a marriage that when you work with the Daly Coach begins with a blind date. In 18 years of helping thousands of people fall in and out of love with franchise opportunities, the fastest I’ve ever seen a marriage proposal happen… Continue Reading
Controlling Your Business When Uncontrollable Events Happen June 13,2020 As business owners, we have to take responsibility for our outcomes even when things happen that we can’t control. But, how do we keep going when so much is uncertain, and there are a million excuses to quit? Continue Reading
Opportunity…On the Other Side May 16,2020 I know many people won’t see any opportunity to start a business in the near future, and so if that’s you, please just tuck this away for when you are ready. This newsletter is for those who know that on the other side of great opposition is an even greater… Continue Reading