Celebrating the American Dream July 1,2017 Celebrating the AMERICAN DREAM! As Americans, we love to celebrate the 4th of July; a party in honor of our freedom from England, our independence from royals, and our new beginnings as a country! With parades and fireworks, traditional BBQ food and family and friends, we celebrate what our founding… Continue Reading
Happy Summer The Fun Factor June 23,2017 The Fun Factor Why is it that kids love summer vacation? That's an easy question, right? Because there's no school! There's no homework! There's no alarm clock! Instead, there are late nights, sleepovers, pool parties and freedom from a schedule. Summer vacation gives kids a break from routine, time to… Continue Reading
Goals + Plans = Successful Franchise Buying A Franchise is Not Enough to Be Successful! May 23,2017 BUYING A FRANCHISE IS NOT ENOUGH TO BE SUCCESSFUL If you had never worked out before, but you wanted to lose weight and get in shape, what would you do? My guess is you would join a gym and hire a personal trainer. Why? Because you need someone who can… Continue Reading