Can You Handle The Truth? October 22,2021 I noticed when I blog or write newsletters about mindset and correlate how we think to the results we get, I get a lot of unsubscribes. I used to take offense to this and think that it was something I said and perhaps next time I should tone it down… Continue Reading
Legends Are Made in the Fourth Quarter. You Can Be a Legend. Here’s How… September 12,2021 The football games we remember the most are always won in the fourth quarter. When Tom Brady is losing as he goes into the final quarter of the game, the opponent better watch out! Champions are born, leaders emerge as legends and the most inspirational moments in sports history unfold… Continue Reading
How to Get Wealthy Owning a Franchise August 21,2021 How do you eat an elephant? One bite a time! How do you get wealthy owning a franchise? Don’t we wish the answer was as simple as one bite a time? Before I can answer that question, let me ask you a question. How do you define wealthy? To me,… Continue Reading
If We Want Our Children to Follow Their Dreams, We Should Follow Our Dreams! If We Want Our Children to Follow Their Dreams, We Should Follow Our Dreams! June 15,2021 My son graduated from 8th grade on June 8th. At the commencement ceremony, the speakers used inspiring words like Dream Big! Live a Bold Life! Be Courageous! Be Persistent and Tenacious! Follow Your Bliss! Remember that God is always with you. Always strive to do your best and pursue excellence!… Continue Reading
When “No” Is Probably the Best Answer… May 20,2021 No is never fun to hear especially when it is not your decision, but the franchisor’s decision. However, sometimes “No” really is the best answer. First, why would a franchisor say no to you? Franchising is a relationship. The franchisor needs to feel you have the skills, financial capability, and… Continue Reading