If We Want Our Children to Follow Their Dreams, We Should Follow Our Dreams! If We Want Our Children to Follow Their Dreams, We Should Follow Our Dreams! June 15,2021 My son graduated from 8th grade on June 8th. At the commencement ceremony, the speakers used inspiring words like Dream Big! Live a Bold Life! Be Courageous! Be Persistent and Tenacious! Follow Your Bliss! Remember that God is always with you. Always strive to do your best and pursue excellence!… Continue Reading
When “No” Is Probably the Best Answer… May 20,2021 No is never fun to hear especially when it is not your decision, but the franchisor’s decision. However, sometimes “No” really is the best answer. First, why would a franchisor say no to you? Franchising is a relationship. The franchisor needs to feel you have the skills, financial capability, and… Continue Reading
An EXCITING Announcement from The Daly Coach April 10,2021 Hello Friends!! While 2020 was a challenging year in many ways, it was also one of the biggest growth years of my life both personally and professionally. With so much time on my hands, I could not just sit still, so I decided to create some giant goals and get… Continue Reading
Investing in a Business When Life Feels Uncertain March 12,2021 Whether it is the pandemic making your life feel uncertain, or an unexpected job loss, uncertainty never feels good. As a franchise consultant, I help people find a new definition of security by teaching them about building an asset, a franchise business that creates cash flow, equity and tax savings;… Continue Reading
WHAT TO DO WHEN FAMILY & FRIENDS DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR DREAMS What To Do When Family & Friends Do Not Support Your Dreams February 16,2021 For a couple of years, I have practiced the daily discipline of reciting “I AM” statements as I start my day. These are empowering words about myself; some are true, most are not, but my goal in reciting them out loud every day is to make them true. Continue Reading