Lead Generation

Lead Generation = Control

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

In every business, the most important factor to success is having enough customers. If you’re relying on your franchisor to find customers for you, someday, this may come back to haunt you.

I think there are a lot of unhappy franchisees because very often franchisees have an expectation that it is the franchisor’s job to find their customers for them. Many franchisees believe the franchisor or brand “owes” them customers. These are false expectations of owning a franchise.

Personally, I think franchisors should never get involved in lead gen. If owners don’t learn how to find their own best customers, they will always be dependent. If an owner is truly going to OWN his/her future, the owner should OWN lead generation.

If you want to have a business you feel in control of and love, take it upon yourself to learn to master lead generation.

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