Mission Matters Vol. 5: Featuring Franchise Consultant Kim Daly!

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Podcasting. Blogging. LinkedIn. Writing a BOOK. It’s no secret that content creation is vital to marketing any business, but so many entrepreneurs and thought leaders lack the time, patience, and knowledge of which avenues they should pursue.

Today, I chat with Adam Torres, Co-Founder of Mission Matters, about all of this and more. Adam invited me to contribute to his new co-authored book “Business Leaders, Volume 5”.

Adam discusses what Mission Matters is and the services they provide:

“Mission Matters is a multimedia platform. Our core is really book publishing, show production. YouTube channels, podcasting, really just social media. Really elevating the brands of business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. That’s our goal. There’s a lot of people out there that are experts in their field. They do great work. Problem is, nobody really knows about it except for their client base. So how do you get known for what you’re doing? Well, you have to work with a company like ours to get your name out there!”

Adam explains Mission Matters’ book series:

“We publish coauthored books, so we get between 15 to 20 business leaders who have great stories to tell, great lessons to share. And then we put them in a book together and, then we do the distribution, marketing, and promotion. Our goal is really to get as many books printed as possible and to get the to get the message and the stories out of all of our authors. If you have a successful business and you’re watching this, you’re not going to stop your business to then sell a book that sells for 15 bucks. It just doesn’t make sense. So if we can make it possible for a business owner to be a published author and to get their message out there and as little as a weekend, they can now become published. And so when we put together that model, it just it just was something that resonated in the market. Like there were people out there that had great stories that are like, yeah, I can’t close down my business to go write a book, but I have something to share with the world. I have something to give back. I have a message. I have a lesson. I have something I want to teach. And now, I think we’re three, four years in now for that particular series. And and I think we’re approaching 200 authors.”

Adam shares about what types of authors are most appealing to Mission Matters:

“We’ve published people that are very high up from publicly traded companies with 50,000 employees. We’ve also published sole proprietors who are just really passionate and good at what they’re doing. We also don’t discriminate by age. We’ve published people that are just out of college, we’ve published people that are retired. So the idea that we’re is that we’re after the story. It’s more so about the story than the person or the age or the geography. We’re looking for a really good, authentic stories with the message and somebody with a message. And if that if that’s the type of person that is watching this, then we100% encourage them to apply.”

Have a story to tell? Apply to be a published author in the next volume of Mission Matters’ Business Leaders series by visiting http://missionmatters.com.

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