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How did you come back from the long weekend?

JVennard Coach's Corner

It’s Tuesday after a long summer like weekend. Did you go back to the office today kicking and screaming, or did you go back recharged and ready to attack your business and make life happen?

Many of my candidates find me at that crossroad in their life. They’ve thought about owning a business, but they’ve never done anything about it. Businesses fail. Businesses are risky. Businesses are all consuming. They talk themselves out of it.

It is true that businesses fail, businesses are risky, and some businesses can be all consuming, but it is also true that franchise businesses have track records of success, leadership to mentor and coach you so you’re not alone, and if you invest in the right business, it will come with infrastructure (marketing, technology, branding, etc.) so you can work ON your business rather than IN your business, and it will not be all consuming unless you’re just so passionate about it that you can’t help yourself!

If your head is full of myths, maybe it’s time you get the facts so you can come back after a long weekend recharged and ready for your life! #thedalycoach