I'm a Gym Rat and a Franchise Consultant

I’m a Gym Rat and a Consultant

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

I’m a gym rat! I love everything to do with the gym, but when I was in that business, the last thing I wanted to do was stay there and work out and work on my health goals because the gym represented my “work”. Eventually, I realized I had to separate my hobby from my work. When I found franchise consulting, I saw a direct correlation to personal training. As a consultant, I would be coaching people through a process that changed their lives just like I used to do as a trainer. Becoming a franchise consultant was the best business decision I ever made. 17 years later, I’m in the best shape of my life, and the gym is still my favorite place to be, and I have an incredibly successful consultancy that fulfills me.

Can you invest in a business that is your hobby? Yes, but you run the risk of losing your hobby. Additionally, you may become a slave to your business if it’s something you are that passionate about because you may not trust anyone else to run it like you would. Selecting the “right” business is about finding an opportunity that you believe in and are excited about. You should identify with the owner’s role and the activities you will be involved in, but you do not need to have prior experience or passion for the widget in order to be successful. #franchising