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Great Advice, Coach Daly!

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

If I could only give one piece of advice to a new franchisee, it would be to own lead flow/customer acquisition.

Finding customers is what owning a business is all about. There is no magic bullet, and it is not your franchisor’s job to do this for you. This issue will never go away because customers drive revenue, and can a business really ever have enough customers?

Accept it. Embrace it. Wake up each day ready to tackle it! But rather than feeling weighed down by it because you’re focused on the whole mountain of customers, get clear on your annual goals, break them down into monthly goals and then weekly and daily goals. Then come to work focused only on what you need to achieve that day to be on the road to the top of that mountain. Come back tomorrow and do the same and each day thereafter.

When customer acquisition is a consistent focus, and a challenge owners embrace and even enjoy, it is then that they have a business that they love and feel in control of.

That’s my advice!