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Get in Position to Prosper!

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

It’s so refreshing to see how franchisors are adapting and overcoming to the changes in our world. Some have turned all of their energy and resources into their existing franchisees while others are doing that, but they are also continuing to grow their franchise by awarding new franchises.

I had candidates attend virtual discovery days last week, and I have a few more attending this week. If awarded and moving forward, they will begin training, setting up their office or location and getting into position.

Every franchisor has guaranteed my candidates that they would not be opening until the timing was right. Some franchisees can go right from training to opening because their service is essential, and there is business to be had. You may be stuck at home, but exploring a franchise happens from home. This is the perfect time to test your courage and explore your desire to own your financial future and life by potentially investing in a franchise business.

You don’t have to say yes, but you definitely can’t say yes if you’re not in the process!