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Happy Summer

The Fun Factor

Summer FunWhy is it that kids love summer vacation? That’s an easy question, right? Because there’s no school! There’s no homework! There’s no alarm clock! Instead, there are late nights, sleepovers, pool parties and freedom from a schedule. Summer vacation gives kids a break from routine, time to be outside and endless time to have fun!
As a business owner, one of the most important things you can do to ensure your success is to schedule time away from the business. In a franchise, you should not have to be a slave to what you’ve created, but even if you are an owner-operator, you still have to plan vacations. When you’re tired and burned out, your coping skills will decrease, you will be less effective, and your passion for your goals will diminish.
At FranChoice, our CEO pulls out a big paper calendar (you remember the type!) every November and colors in the weeks when he wants to be away the following year. He plans his vacation weeks before he plans his work weeks because once he knows how many weeks he plans to be away then he can effectively plan what he needs to accomplish each week that he is working. This is an excellent idea, and I believe one of the reasons, he is so very successful.
Your business should inspire you because it affords you the opportunity to live the life of your dreams. Big, expensive vacations may not always be feasible but a 3-day weekend here and there, a “staycation” to work on house projects or even some planned afternoons off to go to the movies or the beach with the kids could do amazing things for your attitude, focus and results. Just because we are adults doesn’t mean we don’t need to have fun. Top performing business owners, CEOs, athletes and students all take time to rest, recharge and have fun!
Here’s to summer vacation!

One Franchisee’s Hard Lesson

When a franchise fails, most people want to believe that the franchisor is somehow to blame: the system failed, the location/territory was not good, etc. In this testimonial video, Kim Daly shares how failure in a franchise is usually franchisee created.


Happy Summer
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  • Lash Extensions (HOT, HOT, HOT!)
  • Coffee & Tea with a Local Flavor
  • Automotive
  • Niche Restoration Services
  • Orthopedic ER Care
  • Boutique Fitness Concepts
  • Technical Consulting & Services
  • Doggy Day Care
  • New Twist on Senior Care (without all the employees!)
  • Shared Office Space
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