From Hollywood To… Flooring? [An Unexpected Huge Win!]

Kim Daly Coach's Corner, Vlog

Let me be blunt: The Daly Coach wants you to succeed. And when we work together, I will offer you guidance, knowledge, and tools to make a huge decision. But that decision is yours. And whatever it is, you should make it confidently. And that’s just what Jocelyn Estrada did when she bought her first Floor Coverings International franchise.

Jocelyn was laid off from her job, and she was ready to say goodbye to Corporate America and become her own boss. We spent plenty of time together exploring options, and Jocelyn did a lot of research. And when she made her decision she made it with confidence! She did her due diligence and found that even though driving a minivan around and selling flooring may not have been her lifelong aspiration, she believed in the business model, and she was willing to follow the system. And boy did she make the right decision! Despite the pandemic of 2020, Jocelyn’s business is growing and thriving.

Jocelyn describes what drew her to Floor Coverings International:

“I think one of the things that I was intrigued by was the business model. So I liked going out and meeting different people. I liked the simplicity of it. That’s where I started from. The opportunity did not require retail space, like, it only needed an office and a warehouse, if that. When I met the corporate folks from Floor Coverings International, I think that kind of what sealed the deal there. And just knowing that you recommended them, gave me comfort in knowing that these were good people. And they were. You are. We are. So it’s all good!”

Jocelyn’s husband was very supportive of the process, but her father was a bit more averse to risk:

“My father was concerned because he’s a CPA. He’s always worked for a company. And he just would have preferred that I didn’t take this risk all by myself, you know, especially with an industry that I knew little about. But I think now he is comfortable that I have a path and that my path has a future. And my path isn’t like a dead end.”

Jocelyn’s first full year of business was 2020, which was largely dominated by the pandemic. She describes the support of corporate office during an uncertain time:

“They were always helpful in terms of trying to make sure that we were pushing forward and doing everything correctly. They kept us updated in terms of what the trends looked like, etc. And we all stayed together as a community. And that is one of the things that you told me was ‘you open the business by yourself, but you’re never alone.’ That’s what it felt like during this pandemic where you were with other franchise owners in the same situation as you. And so you do own your own business and you really make all the decisions yourself. You have so many folks that you can tap into and get resources from and guidance and knowledge. So it was all good. That was a fantastic experience.”

Jocelyn educated herself, did her due diligence, and then took the leap of her life– and she couldn’t be happier. If you’re ready to explore the opportunities that await you, leave a comment below, or e-mail me directly right now!

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