THIS is the #1 Reason Why Franchise Business Owners Struggle in 2021

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Are you looking to a franchise brand to make you successful? I know the number one reason that franchise business owners struggle. Watch the video below to find out why!

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A common myth in franchising is that it’s the franchisor’s responsibility to make you successful. Yes, we’re investing in a proven business plan so that it’s easier and faster, and we have a greater chance of being successful. However, you are the biggest variable in the equation of your success. You are the reason your business will be successful or unsuccessful. I’ve been a Franchise Consultant for about nineteen years; the first eight years deemed me an average-performing consultant. For the last eleven years, I’ve been one of the top-performing consultants in the country.

One of the most common mistakes that new business owners make is not having clear, specific goals. So, when I was an average-performing consultant, I followed the FranChoice process, but I didn’t have a clear game plan. Back in 2011, I decided to get focused and serious about what I wanted to produce. I set a big goal for myself. I didn’t have a plan on how to get to the goal, but I had a theory. I had an idea: what if I came to work, maximizing what I could control every day, forgetting the rest, thereby coming to work feeling in control? An example of what happens when we feel in control is teaching a child how to ride a bike. It’s a horrifying experience until they learn how to balance. But, as the person who knows how to ride a bike, you’re never going to get them off the bike, and they’re going to become better at it than you. But when they feel out of control, they don’t like riding a bike. The same concept applies to owning a business of which we don’t own and feel in control.

Many times, people want to sell their business prematurely because they have not figured out how to own their business. One of the most important things you can do to own your result is to know exact and specific goals. Set a revenue goal for and break that goal down to a daily sales goal.

There is this misconception in franchising that it’s the brand or location that’s going to make you successful. Locations and brands don’t make owners successful. Owners make locations and brands successful. You have to learn how to own your business by having goals that enable you to come to work every day and drive a certain result.

If you’re lucky enough to be involved in a franchise where somebody already has the result that you want, don’t reinvent the wheel. Ask them how they’re doing it, then make that your daily sales plan. Building a business is not produced with magic. There’s a science behind it.

I went from an average-performing Franchise Consultant to the number one in the United States simply because I dared to dream bigger, and I held myself accountable.

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