Why Are Fitness Franchises So Popular? See Why.

Kim Daly Coach's Corner, Vlog

Are you exploring franchising, and wondering why fitness franchises are so popular and so successful? You’ve come to the right place! In this video, I interview Lance Farrell of Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping about his business, his decision to franchise, and how Farrell’s has created such a powerful and successful brand with over 50 locations!

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Lance explains why, even when the market seems saturated, fitness wins:

“You know, when you talk about a crowded space, fitness is very crowded. There are a ton of options for people out there and a lot of really, really good options. So it is crowded there. But you got to find your niche. Our niche is really helping people lose body fat. So from the very, very beginning, we’ve tracked how much pounds people lose, how much body fat. And it’s been a remarkable number total for the past 20 years with 20,000 people who have gone through. We’ve helped them lose nearly 5 MILLION pounds of body fat, and most have kept it off. So we’re very proud of that.

I really didn’t have intentions of franchising in the beginning. We opened 7 stores initially in the Des Moines area. But once we moved outside of Des Moines, I went to Omaha, I went to Cedar Rapids outside of our marketing reach, and the those were successful, we decided to make it a franchise. That’s how we grew to 50 plus stores, just organically. Pure organic growth.”

Lance shares how Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping keeps their members happy and engaged:

“Really, our thing is about evoking pride. When somebody has failed at other fitness things… they tried to lose weight, maybe they’ve tried just dieting and stuff, it hasn’t worked… We want them to come in and we want to evoke PRIDE in them. So they look in the mirror and they feel good about who they’re looking at, and they feel good about going to work. They feel good about putting that swimsuit on. And that’s really what we want to do, is help them feel better about themselves to live that life at Level 10.

You know, if I have faith and confidence and belief that you can have great success in our program and I do that as a coach and I just tell you that and instill that your chances of having success are much higher, because I’m instilling that faith that belief in you. And that’s so important.”

If you’re considering investing in a fitness franchise, I’d LOVE to help you find the right fit for your goals, location, and budget. And if you’re interested specifically in Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, I’d be delighted to make a personal introduction to Lance and his team. E-mail me right now using the form below!

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