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Expectations: Good or Evil?

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Expectations…are they the root of all evil or what inspires our dreams? When we are in love and planning a wedding, what are our expectations for married life? When we are expecting the first baby, what are our expectations for parenthood? When we are candidates exploring a franchise, what are our expectations for life as a franchisee?

In life, what we expect and what we get are not always the same. Marriage is often harder than we thought it would be. Parenting can test the limits of our patience, and business ownership can mentally, physically and financially exhaust us. Would we do it all again despite the sometimes harsh reality to our rose colored expectations? How many people are happily remarried after a divorce? How many parents go on to have more than one child? And, how many self-made millionaires will tell you their first business was a flop?

Please don’t lose sight of your dream because you were let down by expectations. Expectations for success fuel your courage, and without courage, you would never even try.
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