Why Finding Your “WHY” Is Crucial To Your Business Success

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Have you ever had a dream SO BIG that it absolutely SCARED you? That you thought, “If I actually achieve this, I don’t even know what would happen!” What’s more exciting than that? Find out about why your “WHY” is crucial to your business success.

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Have you ever had a dream SO BIG that it absolutely SCARED you? That you thought, “If I actually achieve this, I don’t even know what would happen!” And it inspires you, but it also frightens you? This is a topic that a great friend of mine calls “Dragons and Dreams.” And when he used that phrase, it inspired me to hop on and offer a few thoughts about discovering your “why.”

When you are standing at the threshold of changing your life, and in the case of my industry, we’re talking about owning a business–but you can apply this to ANY change that you’re going to make in your life… you’re always going to be confronted with the dragon and the dream. Which one wins really depends on your “why.”

Why do you want to do this? Whenever I start working with a candidate and they come to me thinking, “Yeah, I want to own a business,” before we start talking about specific companies, I want to know WHY are we here? What are you imagining? What do you want to create with your life through this business? The more clearly somebody can communicate to me personally, professionally and financially about what they’re looking to accomplish through the business, the easier it will be us to strategize what the right investment is.

The business becomes the vehicle that’s just going to drive your life to that new place. But our ability to imagine, to create, is what’s going to create your world and drive your dream forward. If you’re coming to the idea of owning a business just for the ROI, just for the numbers, I’m telling you: You’re going to trip. You’re going to keep analyzing and gathering data, and there’s never going to be enough data for you to push through and to justify this decision. It’s just not going to happen. Even in the most awe inspiring, numbers-driven business, the numbers alone are not enough. You need a “why.”

Before you come to the idea of owning a business, or before you come to the idea of changing your life in any way, get clear and specific with yourself about what you want to accomplish.

Almost every morning before I begin my day, I spend time quietly envisioning the day that I want to have. Sometimes I journal with real clarity what I’m looking to accomplish that day, or I dream about what I want to accomplish in the next month or six months or one year. I don’t always put a time frame around it because sometimes there’s that’s the magic of the moment and letting it happen and unfolding in the time that it’s meant to happen. But the most important thing I’m doing is I’m imagining. Our ability to imagine determines the quality of our life.

There’s a quote by Walt Disney about “your imagination is your preview of your life’s coming attractions.” So when you’re standing at the threshold of changing your life, whether it’s deciding to start a business, or get married, or have children, or anything else that you’re imagining that you want to do, your power is always going to come from your “why.” If the dream wins, it’s because your why is clear and specific. And that’s why the DREAM will win.

If you’ve looked at franchises many, many times and you’re always focused strictly on the ROI and you’ve never been able to make it work, I’m telling you: It’s not because you haven’t found the right business. There is no one right business. The business will appear when your dream is inspired by a clear specific why.

The dragon, the demons, the anxiety, the fear, the uncertainty will always drag you down! So if you would like your dream to be INSPIRED rather than to be taken down by the dragon or demons in your life, I encourage you to leave me a question or a comment below. And if you’d like a FREE consultation with me, please e-mail me now using the form below.

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