How To Use LinkedIn For Lead Generation

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Prospecting, networking, and lead generation are huge parts of owning and growing a business, whether you’ve invested in a franchise or started your own business. Today, I’m pleased to welcome my friend and colleague Shelley Hutchinson of Client Nectar, one of the UK’s leading LinkedIn Marketing Experts & Business Growth Specialists for Coaches, Consultants & Business Owners.

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In our amazing conversation, Shelley shares about how she helps companies to scale their business using social media, specifically LinkedIn:

“If you want to be able to scale and grow your business, you’re going to need to get yourself online. And we’ve all seen with the last year, with the pandemic and the lockdowns that if you’re good at face-to-face selling, you STILL have to learn how to sell online and you STILL have to have a sales funnel in place because you never know what’s going to happen. So LinkedIn has become evermore important, especially with what’s happened in the last year. Why I love LinkedIn so much for prospecting is because it’s actually one of the easiest platforms to use to translate leads through to get leads and start getting clients through—out of all of them.”

Shelley explains her coaching services and how they position you for success on LinkedIn:

“​​I have a mixture of different ways that people can work with me. I do have two group programs. I have an entry level program, which is my LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula program. In the program, you get access to my 12-module program, which is my LinkedIn Quality Leads Formula. It basically gives you what you need to know to start generating leads and clients for LinkedIn. Or if you want a little bit more hand-holding from me, I have a small group program, which is my VIP program. We have ten people at a time, and they go through the program with me giving them weekly group calls each week. And I’m kind of holding you through that LinkedIn quality leads formula process. I do one-to-one as well.”

Shelley shares about the value of LinkedIn’s platform vs. Facebook and Instagram:

“​​Something like 40%, 50% even of people on LinkedIn are CEOs of companies. They are decision makers in companies. So, immediately, you’re getting that better audience. There are a lot of people on LinkedIn who aren’t on any other social media because they don’t trust Facebook, and they’re worried about the privacy issues with Facebook and Instagram. You know, it’s easy to use. It’s basically free. You will probably want to pay for Sales Navigator once you’re using LinkedIn regularly to do your lead generation there. You get one client, you’ve paid for your entire subscription. And some of my clients, one client actually pays for their subscription like a hundred times over.”

Learn more about Shelley and her services at or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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