Coach's Corner

Coach's Corner - Worrying Stop Worrying About What You Have to Lose January 4,2018 When evaluating the financial opportunity in a franchise, you cannot focus on the expenses without a complete understanding of the market potential and revenue. Who cares if you're paying out $200K a year in employee wages if you are bringing in $500K in revenue. Without understanding the revenue ramp, you… Continue Reading
Coach's Corner - Goal Setting Goal Setting December 22,2017 Goal setting is one of the most important things a business owner can do. Be specific, dream big, create both short and long-term goals for the month and the year. Additionally, write out Declaration Statements about who you are. Even if what you write is not yet true, by writing… Continue Reading
Coach's Corner - Discipline Discipline November 16,2017 Many business owners want the glory of a successful business, but they aren't willing to do the hard work. It takes discipline to make networking, asking for referrals and focusing on sales/customer acquisition a priority, but just like getting into the routine of going to the gym is essential if… Continue Reading
Coach's Corner - Momentum Momentum November 3,2017 When business is slow, the tendency of many owners is to freeze and feel helpless, but this is not the time to shrink back in fear. That will surely only make things worse. When the phone isn't ringing, or customers are not coming in, this is the time to take… Continue Reading
Coach's Corner - Champions Champions are Made October 31,2017 In the pursuit of a goal, there is a lot of routine. That is why they say that successful people have successful habits because it is the things we do consistently that matter most to the achievement of our goals. This is also why discipline is one of the most… Continue Reading