Coach's Corner

Best Franchise to Invest In What is the Best Franchise to Invest In? January 29,2019 What's the best franchise to invest in? To me, that's the same question as when I was a personal trainer, and people would ask me what's the best exercise to get in shape? There is no one perfect business or exercise! The best one is the one that inspires you… Continue Reading
Make Today Count Make Today Count! January 25,2019 As business owners, we need to be setting goals all the time: annual goals, monthly, weekly and even daily goals. What is your revenue goal for this year? Make your Efforts and Influence Worth that Much TODAY! #MakeTodayCount Continue Reading
Create Your Own Future Create Your Own Future January 22,2019 What can Franchising do for me? Here are some focal points about how Franchising can help you create your own future: Create Wealth Build a Legacy for your Family Employ You Inspire you to keep growing professionally Give you the opportunity to create jobs and be a great boss Make… Continue Reading
Pressure of Uncertainty The Pressure of Uncertainty November 7,2018 It's the pressure of uncertainty that drives most people away from their dream to own their own business. Even in a proven franchise, some can't figure out how to feel in control of the business, but it's control that creates top performance. I've spent 21 years in a life of… Continue Reading
Own your Future Own Your Future October 30,2018 If you have money in the market- is it safer in the market for the next few years or invested in you and your own business? Depends right? So many factors, but in a business that you own and can control, at least you have control. To learn how to… Continue Reading