Coach's Corner

Mentality is Required by Business Owners Mentality Is Key to Business Ownership! February 20,2019 You can't believe in possibility when you're living in survival. This is why business ownership requires proper capitalization and an abundant mentality. I believe the #1 reason most people fail at business ownership is because they have a scarcity mentality: not enough money, not enough customers, not enough good employees,… Continue Reading
Taking a Leap - Invest Say YES to a Business Investment! February 16,2019 To say YES! to a business investment, you need one part logic: a rational business case for the investment of money and time and two parts emotion: dreams that motivate you to get out of your comfort zone and inspire you to your own personal greatness! You’ll never invest because… Continue Reading
Opportunity to Live! Opportunity to Live! February 11,2019 Starting a business is an opportunity to invest in yourself! I find it funny that people put their business ownership dreams on hold for fear of losing money if it fails, but when I ask them to outline their dreams for business ownership, they want the sun and moon. Debt… Continue Reading
Take Control of Your Mind Take Control of Your Mind February 5,2019 The key to success in the middle of crisis is to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR MIND! The powerful mind wants things to be the way they always are. It's easier that way. Survival requires the known, but in the unknown, you can do more than survive if you can quiet… Continue Reading
I'm a Gym Rat and a Franchise Consultant I’m a Gym Rat and a Consultant January 31,2019 I'm a gym rat! I love everything to do with the gym, but when I was in that business, the last thing I wanted to do was stay there and work out and work on my health goals because the gym represented my "work". Eventually, I realized I had to… Continue Reading