Coach’s Corner

Franchising is More than Food & Retail March 11,2021 Many people believe franchising is only food and retail, so they never look to franchise ownership as an option, but there is more to franchising than food and retail! Listen in as one former engineer who knew he didn't want another corporate job or a food franchise turned to The… Continue Reading
Feeling Stuck? Feeling Stuck? March 9,2021 If your life feels stuck because of quarantine, losing your job or any other reason, you have the power to feel unstuck today! How? By taking control of your thoughts. Dare to sit down and journal about the future you want to live in. What is your dream job or… Continue Reading
A New Home or a Business? A New Home or a Business? March 8,2021 Should I invest in a new home or a business? If you want to grow your cash flow, build equity, create a tax shelters and increase your net worth, you should invest in an asset not a liability, therefore, you should invest in a business before a home. Once the… Continue Reading
Think now is NOT the right time to invest in a franchise? Consider this... Think now is NOT the right time to invest in a franchise? Consider this… March 4,2021 Think now is the not the right time to invest in a franchise business? Consider this…..Americans are home: living, working, eating at home. Americans are expanding their homes, cleaning out their homes, getting to those “To Do” lists that they never had time for before. Americans are investing money into… Continue Reading
The Value of an Emerging Brand March 3,2021 Have you ever dreamed of being the one to bring an exciting, new franchise brand to market? Kim Daly explains the value of emerging brands. Continue Reading