Coach’s Corner

Which Franchise Makes The Most Money? April 2,2021 Which franchise will make you the most money? Kim Daly, one of America's top Franchise Consultants, shares her knowledge with you. See more. Continue Reading
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Do something for you! Do it for You! Do it for YOU! March 18,2021 When was the last time you did something just for you? Something exciting, life changing? Something you knew you could do even if others around you tried to talk you out of it? If saying YES! to your dreams to own a franchise business is on your bucket list for… Continue Reading
Believe and then Receive Believe … and then Receive March 15,2021 There's a big difference when you think OF what you want versus when you think FROM what you want.Thinking "Of" what you want holds it away from you; thinking "From" what you want attracts it to you.If you want to have the business of your dreams, be the owner who… Continue Reading
Taking the Leap of Your Life March 12,2021 Anyone can ask questions, gather information and explore a franchise, but how do you join the small percentage of people who actually dare to take the leap of their life and land in the safety net of a franchise? Continue Reading