Coach's Corner

Why is a Franchise Sometimes Called a “Business in a Box”? August 19,2021 Sometimes a franchise is referred to as a "Business in a Box." Here's why that phrase is SO Misleading! Continue Reading
How Do You Make a Franchise Brand Your Own? August 16,2021 Doesn't it seem counterintuitive to BUY an existing business that already has a well-established brand, and then try to make it feel like your own? Watch the video below and read on to learn how to be the business owner you want to be while still following the proven franchise… Continue Reading
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Don't Face Reality IF You Want to Achieve Your Dream Don’t Face Reality IF You Want to Achieve Your Dream August 12,2021 If you have to face reality before you can create reality, you're in a lot of trouble!!! Abraham Hicks When you're dreaming of owning your future, stay in the dream as you explore franchise opportunities. Once you let yourself get down into the weeds of trying to figure out net… Continue Reading
Can you just BUY a franchise? August 9,2021 Are you ready to challenge yourself with this pop quiz?! Are franchises: (a) bought, (b) sold, (c) awarded, or (d) all of the above? So, what is the answer? You buy the franchise, and a franchise salesperson selling the opportunity awards you the opportunity at the end of the mutual… Continue Reading