Coach's Corner

PE + Franchising = GOLD July 22,2021 Today I welcome my great friend Kevin Wilson to the franchising conversation. Kevin is the CEO of Buzz Franchise Brands, and he’s here to speak about building a franchise brand and selling to private equity. In my experience, there are a lot of misconceptions about what “private equity” may mean… Continue Reading
Can You Keep Your Full Time Job While Building a Business? July 22,2021 Leaving the comfort and dependability of a full time job to start a business can be a very scary prospect! Here's how it works in franchising. Continue Reading
what does a franchise coach do What Does a Franchise Consultant Do? July 22,2021 In my nearly two decades in Franchise Consulting, I've heard many misconceptions about what a Franchise Consultant is, or what she does. Myth busing time! Continue Reading
The Territory Does NOT Make A Franchise Successful… (But This Does!) July 22,2021 It seems logical to assume that densely populated areas with a lot of money would always be the best place to open a franchise. But that's not always the case! Allow me to explain. Continue Reading
Myth Busting! Territories Make Owners Successful. FALSE! July 19,2021 It's a common misconception that territories make franchises successful. In 19 years, I have seen franchisees fail and what people would call an A+ territory, and I have seen franchisees be massively successful in what people would call a B+ territory. Continue Reading