Catching Your Dreams

Catching Your Dreams

JVennard Coach's Corner

Tough times call for persevering minds. How do you stay true to your business ownership goals when your mind is telling you to give up?

The best way to stay true to what you really want is to step back from this moment and see the bigger picture. In the future, how does your life look? If you could create (and you are just by spending time dreaming about it) your ideal life in 1,3,5 years, how does it look? What are you doing? How do you spend your time? What type of person did you have to become in order to have that life?

No doubt this year will steal many business ownership dreams. For those, who can look ahead and see life after Covid-19, now is the time to begin working on that vision. The time will pass. We will be in our future one day. What can you do today to start moving your life in the direction of where you want to end up?

The safety net of a franchise is like a dream catcher. To learn more about investing in a franchise as job replacement or as a semi-absentee investment, contact me today. #thedalycoach