Calling for INTEGRITY!

Calling for INTEGRITY!

JVennard Coach's Corner


Candidates sometimes believe that they need multiple consultants to find the right franchise, but the truth is if you have a good consultant, you only need one!

I know you’re looking out for your best interest when you use more than one of us, but imagine if you did weeks of work, shared your knowledge and experience and coached someone to change their life, but you did it all for free because your candidate was using another consultant who simply just brought you an idea. That’s what you do when you use more than one of us.

If I am not delivering value, I am a big girl. You can tell me this is not working out. You will save both of us time, but if you are asking for my coaching, and I am investing an hour on each coaching call, please have the decency to tell me I’m working for someone else’s reward. While my service is free, I definitely don’t work for free.

And hey Consultants….if a candidate is using more than one consultant and is honest about it, how about we all tell them that’s not how this process works best and make them choose. In all the years that I’ve made other consultants money, I don’t believe I ever been thanked…well maybe one time by my fellow FranChoice consultant. How do you sleep at night knowing you are stealing