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Goals + Plans = Successful Franchise


Goals + Plans = SuccessIf you had never worked out before, but you wanted to lose weight and get in shape, what would you do? My guess is you would join a gym and hire a personal trainer. Why? Because you need someone who can show you how to safely and effectively work out, and put you on a program so that you can measure your progress and get results. If you went to the gym with no instruction and no knowledge of what to do or how often to do it in order to get results, how could you realistically expect to reach your fitness goals? This personalized fitness plan would be your guide to achieving your fitness goals one work out at a time.

When you own a business, you need a personalized activity plan. It’s not enough to have a franchise with systems and tools. You need your own personal road map that breaks down your annual goals into 12 monthly goals, 4 weekly goals and 5 daily goals. Otherwise, how do you know where you are in relation to your end goal? How do you know where to focus your time when you come to work each day? How do you know where you will end up? You won’t.

A personalized activity plan is nothing more than an understanding of what to focus on and what type of results you need in order to make the kind of money you want to make. For example, if you have a sales/marketing company, you will need to know your closing ratios and average sales. Then, you need prospecting activity goals that you consistently execute to create activity that then you can close. If you have a business that operates out of a location, you need a marketing plan that drives traffic to your location. Once the customers come in, you need a sales plan to convert them to paying customers, and you need to know what each customer is worth to you. Then it is up to you to execute on that marketing plan to create the activity that will then help you reach your goals.

Joining a gym isn’t enough to get in shape just like buying a franchise isn’t enough to be successful in business. You have to own your goals and create an activity plan that you can consistently execute. If you are not sure how to create this plan, find a business personal trainer, a business coach. A good coach may be expensive just like a good personal trainer will be, but that money will be the best money you spend to ensure you will end up where you want to be in your business.

For more information about building an activity plan for your business or any other topic pertaining to success in a franchise, please contact me today.

One Franchisee’s Success Story

As a consultant with over 15 years of history, I have so many success stories. Here is one of my favorites!


  • Coin Operated Laundromat
  • Lash Extensions (HOT, HOT, HOT!)
  • Coffee & Tea with a Local Flavor
  • Automotive
  • Niche Restoration Services
  • Orthopedic ER Care
  • Boutique Fitness Concepts
  • Technical Consulting & Services
  • Doggy Day Care
  • New Twist on Senior Care (without all the employees!)
  • Shared Office Space
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