Blame Nobody

Blame Nobody!

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

In business, it’s easy to get paralyzed when things are not going as planned, but as an owner, it’s your job to be proactive rather than inactive. The longer you wait, the harder it will get.

Bill Parcels once said, “Blame nobody, do something, expect nothing.” Wow, what a great tag line for franchising! In a franchise, it’s very easy for franchisees to believe they are owed something and when things are not going right to blame the franchisor and to expect the franchisor to fix it.

Here’s some great advice from The Daly Coach…Blame nobody, do something, expect nothing. The franchisor doesn’t owe you anything. Get up each day and do something that moves you toward your goals, and don’t expect somebody else to fix your business. You wanted ownership. If you were massively successful, you’d own it, so for better or worse, you have to own it!