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Be the Tide that Raises All Ships

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

When validating a franchise, please do not let what others are not doing with their opportunity limit your belief about what’s possible.

All business owners are NOT created equal. The goal in validation is to get a basic understanding of what others are doing that is working so you can model their behavior, but if a few franchisees you meet do not inspire you, please don’t let them steal your dream. Move on! Find people in the group who do inspire you, or better yet, inspire yourself!

You are the creator of your destiny in business ownership. Your franchisor partner will not make you successful, Your territory will not make you successful. Even the widget or brand you are selling will not make you successful. YOU, YOUR THOUGHTS, BELIEFS, WORDS, ACTIONS AND GOALS WILL MAKE YOU SUCCESSFUL. Yes, having a strong franchise partner, a solid brand and a good territory will aid you, but those things alone do not determine your success.

Don’t let others steal your dream or limit your thinking about what’s possible. Be the tide that raises all ships. Why not? Someone is going to be Rookie of the year. Why can’t it be you? Dream Big! Execute Consistently! Stay Positive and Never Give up!