Be in Love with Strategy

Be in Love

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Why is it NOT important to be in love with the “widget” of your franchise business? 1. Because you are building a business not investing in a hobby. You can love the widget all you want, but if it’s not profitable, you’re going to hate your business. You can be indifferent to the widget, but if the business is super profitable, you will love your business! 2. The more passionate you are about the widget, the harder it may be to leave the business in the hands of a manager and staff. You could run the risk of becoming a slave to your business. 3. Entrepreneurs have to love their widgets because they are inventors and creators, but how many entrepreneurs ever get out from underneath what they create? Franchisees buy systems, leverage and infrastructure so that they can work ON their business rather than IN their business. Thus, they fall in love with what their business affords them: money and time.