A Good Coach Challenges You - Competition

A Good Coach Challenges You

Kim Daly Coach's Corner

Anyone on the outside of a franchise can assume they know about a business. They can talk to one franchisee, and believe they have the truth about the franchisor. They can research online and find unhappy customers who left bad reviews. They can think about all the local competition and deem the market saturated. Anyone can do all of that, and my guess is those people never achieve their dream to own a business.

If you work with me because you really want to figure out how to say YES! to your dream to own a franchise business, I will challenge you to ask questions directly to the franchisor before assuming you know the answers. I will encourage you to speak to multiple franchisees and be looking for the collective truth rather than one franchisee’s truth.

I will guide you to the franchisor to learn how to create a positive consumer experience and help you realize that what other franchisees are creating or are not creating has little to do with what you will create in your business, and lastly, before assuming your local market is too saturated, I will teach you to do your own due diligence from the inside. You don’t need every customer to have a winning business, and competition means there is a market, and that gives you a place to compete.