A franchise is NOT the right investment for everyone

A franchise is NOT the right investment for everyone

JVennard Coach's Corner

A franchise is not the right investment for everyone. So, who is it right for?

If you are looking for a way to build income you own and control, but you don’t have a great idea, or don’t want to go through the trial and error of starting a business from scratch, plus you love the idea of being a part of something bigger than you, that if your brand becomes the next big thing, could mean an incredible exit strategy from your business, then franchising could be for you.

Franchising = Being in business for yourself but not by yourself. Having the ability to work ON your business rather than IN your business, and starting with a proven tool box including marketing, technology and operational support tools such that from day one you can execute and move toward profitability rather than spending time developing all of those tools and potentially running out of money in the process.

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